Ordinary can be Extraordinary

By Kiersten Hicks

Nov.11,  2019

     On November 11th, I interviewed a very talented artist by the name of Sherron Fergason. Her studio was full to the brim with a ton of projects that she had worked on and a few with ideas sketched on different sized canvases. Her art studio is full of vibrant colors and and a mixture of “landscapes and still life’s'', her favorite things to draw. She lived in California, Colorado and then finally came down to the North Carolina after she retired as an elementary school teacher to be closer to her children and grandchildren. By her traveling across the United States with such drastic changes in environments and unique, natural beauties, she has obtained inspiration from the variety of photos of different environments and casual still lives. She will also get inspired by “the color of the shadows” and “I look at the sunset and I see the color arrangement . . . Oh my gosh how did that red get in there and that yellow looks really good against that red.” She also goes into books like “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henryand, “The Practice and Science of drawing” by Speed. The language in the second book, she describes as colorful. There are also different magazines she can look at to get inspired. She uses these methods to combat artist block which is an issue that all artists, young or old go through.

    Her grandchildren are another source of inspiration. Their inspiration act as a feedback loop where both her and the children get inspired by the other. “My grandchildren actively pursue in art, as long as they don’t get the paint on the carpet.” She teaches her grandkids as well as two adult art classes in Hobby lobby,  one for acrylics and the other for oils. She also delves into graphite pencils for helping those who need to work on sketching. With her artwork she creates a sketch in her mix media art book, then dilute an oils using Gamsol, a substance used for oil paints to dilute the colors and consistency, and go off her sketch. Gamsol is less potent form of turpentine. For her classes, she’ll usually make a grid to help pinpoint places of interest in the painting. She’ll be usually looking at a reference photo to assist her an her students, whomever she may be teaching.

    As I mentioned, she used to be a teacher in California and Colorado, but she has always been talented in the arts. Her family wasn’t very supportive of her decision implanting ideas such as “You won’t make any money as an artist.” and “We will not support you.” Nevertheless, she valued her families opinions and proceeded to get a teaching degree to appease her parents. But one thing she has to say about her Artistic life is that she wanted to pursue it earlier and just “Go for it!” That is truly a problem that many people today face, feeling regret for not taking a chance and following their true passions for whatever it might be. There will always be a way to find what makes you happy a profitable thing to help you survive in this world. Selling art is what Sherron did and is living comfortably after retirement with many art projects to sell and knowledge to share about her life.

    Art is everywhere and can be derived or found in everything that a person comes in contact with, every single day. Even though you may not realize it, and think that there is no way to incorporate your passion into a lifestyle, remember these words, “There is no can’t. Yes you can, you just gotta wear an apron” from Mrs. Fergason, a woman who has gone through the regret and is doing what she loves.

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